Monday, October 4, 2010

Tia's Voice: What it is.

Tia’s Voice: What it is.

A lot of things have been changing around here, I have noticed! You may be groaning right now. “Sierra, stop changing things!” Well, this time nothing is changing. Something is starting.

If you just happen to be following Melina over at Reading Vacation, and are familiar with her Third Degree meme, than I think you are really going to enjoy this that I have to present to you.

I have been planning this meme for weeks. And weeks, and weeks. Trying to think of the perfect name, what exactly I am going to do, the list goes on and on. But now I can finally announce it.

It’s called Tia’s Voice, a new meme started by me, Sierra. The name comes from a whole background story. My best friend, a half Springer Spaniel half hound dog, named Tia. She was my best friend. Still is. She died April 26th, 2010. Ever since she died I wanted to do something in her memory. So, I started the Reading Chic. So I decided that I was going to name this meme after her.

What exactly I am going to do is I am going to have one topic and I am going to talk about it basically. Give it the third degree. I am going to kick it off with one about pet names. I hope to have one posted every Monday, as it is a day that seems to work best for me and my crazy schedule. I will probably pr-write some and post it on blogger to post on the day of the next Tia’s voice, but that all depends on the spare time that I have on my hands.

Thank you guys, and I do hope you enjoy Tia’s Voice, and the first post should be up shortly!

Thanks so much!

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