Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tia's Voice: Pet Names

Tia's Voice: Pet Names

I am so sorry, guys! I know this was suppose to be up yesterday, but my computer died and I didn’t have time to write this up! I am sorry! But usually this should be posted every Monday. I hope you enjoy!


Other than that crazy-hard puppy stage, naming your dog may be the hardest thing about getting a new puppy. Since you have only seen your puppy a couple times, tops, you have no idea most of the time what the dog’s personality is. So naming your puppy may be a challenge for some people.

Of course you want your dog’s name to suit the breed your dog is, but some people don’t want it to be crazy fitting, if you know what I mean. Like if you are getting a golden retriever, you may not want to name it Goldie, because you may not know how many golden retrievers are named Goldie. My golden retriever’s name is Dolce, and for her I think it is fitting. It means sweet in Italian, and she is the sweetest and nicest dog you will ever meet. I wanted to name her Maya, but sadly the rest of the family didn’t love the name as much as I did. I thought Maya was perfect for a golden retriever.

My family likes short names for our pets. All of our dogs have had two syllable names. All together we have had three dogs, and their names have been Zoey, Tia, and my current dog, Dolce. Maya would have also fit under that category, so I thought it was perfect.

Anyways, how do you feel about naming pets? Did you find it difficult when picking out names for your pet, or did it come easy for you? How did your family decided how they were going to pick the name?


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