Review Policy

***I am temporarily only accepting physical copies for review. Everything else in this policy applies***

At this moment I AM accepting review copies of books. I DO live in Canada. If you publishing company allows you to send books my way, please read on.

Remember, there are exception to EVERY rule. Say your/ your client's novel doesn't meet one of the
requirements, please don't be afraid to request a review copy to me. I may just politely decline to your novel.

Most bloggers start out their review policies saying how blogging is not their job. As it is true for me, because I don't get paid to blog, but I do treat it as if it was my job. I really want this blog to turn into something really important and I want these times of my life to be as memorable as possible.

I will NOT be accept money for a positive review. I am only going to post my personal thoughts on the book and give my honest though about it and I will not accept a review copy if I have to give a positive review for. I will turn down the offer of the review copy if I have to give a positive review for money/bribery.

At this moment, I WILL be open holding giveaways or contests, but this may change at a later date. I would also love to hold author interviews or guest posts.

Now, I AM accepting Kindle files. I will also be accepting both ARCs and finished copies. I will accept both hardcover and paperback novels.

I please request that you please DO NOT send duplicates of your novel unless I kindly request one. I would rather see another blogger receive the book rather than having me have two copies on my shelf and not even touching one of the copies.


Right now, I AM accepting self-published novels as well as traditionally published novels. I will NOT be accepting non-fiction books. If the novel is a part of a series and I haven't read the previous books in the series, I may request a copy of each of the books before it so that my review will make sense and it will be a better review of your/your client's novel.

I am open to all genres, but the main genres I like are chick lit, romance, fantasy, dystopian, and historical fiction. I mostly read and review YA fiction, but I do read and review some middle grade fiction and adult fiction. 

My reviews contain cover art, summary, ratings, the main review, overall out of five star ratings, and much more.

I may not be able to post a review of the book right after I receive it or right after I finish reading it. I am busy, so it depends on how busy I am to when I post the review of the book. You MUST have my permission to post my review on other sites or have my review quoted on any other site.

I reserve the right to change my review policy without notice.

The Blog

The Reading Chic is a blog that I started back in June 2010. It averages 40 unique hits a day, and the top countries that view my blog are Canada, United States, China, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Latva, Russia, and Solenia.

If you would like to send me a review copy, please email me at:
sierradobbieblog (at) gmail (dot) com