Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper

Released: June 1st, 2008
Published by: Harper Collins
Series: Stand Alone Novel
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Chapters
Page Amount: 416
School Rating: A- (81%)
Age Group: Young Adult

Italy . . . Shakespeare . . . but no romance?

Kate Sanderson inherited her good sense from her mother, a disciplined law professor, and her admiration for the Bard from her father, a passionate Shakespeare scholar. When she gets dumped, out of the blue, for the Practically Perfect Ashley Lawson, she vows never to fall in love again. From now on she will control her own destiny, and every decision she makes will be highly reasoned and rational. She thinks Shakespeare would have approved.

So when she is accepted to a summer Shakespeare symposium in Verona, Italy, Kate sees it as the ideal way to get over her heartbreak once and for all. She'll lose herself in her studies, explore ancient architecture, and eat plenty of pasta and gelato. (Plus, she'll be getting college credit for it—another goal accomplished!) But can even completely logical Kate resist the romance of living in a beautiful villa in the city where those star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet met and died for each other? Especially when the other Shakespeare Scholars—in particular Giacomo, with his tousled brown hair, expressive dark eyes, and charming ways—try hard to break her protective shell?

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene . . . "

THE JULIET CLUB was one of those novels that I picked up on a whim - I had never heard of this book before I saw it sitting in the bookstore. I thought it sounded good, so I picked it up. I am so glad I did because THE JULIET CLUB was one of those novels that I could not put down.

Kate was a character I liked from the beginning - she was tough, yet she wasn’t mean. I also liked Giacomo from the beginning - even if he was a player.

I REALLY want to go to Verona, Italy now. Italy sound beautiful, and I loved that this novel was set there, I think it was perfect for the story. Why would you want to go to a Shakespeare seminar for Romeo and Juliet if it WASN’T set in the exact place they fell in love?

On the back of this book, it says “a perfect summer read”… and THE JULIET CLUB truly is an amazing summer read, one that I think every YA lover needs to read sooner or later.



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  1. This looks awesome! I adore books set in Europe. Oh, and Shakespeare. So! I'll have to add this to me ever-growing To Read list.

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