Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Post: Benji from The Non Reluctant Reader

Hey everyone! Today I have Benji, from the awesome blog The Non Reluctant Reader, here for a guest post on e-readers verses physical books! (Note: these opinions are not my own.)

In recent times the stories are starting to transition from the paper book
to the electronic book (ebook) just like the scroll transitioned to the
paper-bound book. Some people argue that the ebook is much easier and cost
officiant. The paper book lovers argue the paper-bound books are more original
and wholesome. But you know what? I bet the old guys were arguing the same thing
about the transition from the scroll to paper-bound! Change is inevitable!
Nothing stays the same forever (well except the fact that this blog is awesome)
but I do like the paper book better, and I have the right to judge because I do
have a kindle. Here's why.

I love paper books for a lot of reasons. The main being you can show
them off to your friends because they have all the awesome cover graphics and
stuff. And when they see you reading a ARC of a book they really want to read
they run up to you and say “ I am super jealous!!!! OMG!!!” or “I call dibs on
reading it after you!” or my personal favorite, “GIVE ME THAT BOOK RIGHT THE
**** NOW AND NO ONE GETS HURT!”. While as when you're reading a kindle they have
no idea what you're reading (in less you tell them, but that's bragging, don't
want any of that now, do we?).

Another big reason I like the paper book is because they make great
weapons! Just the other day my brother was annoying me like crazy when I was
trying to read and I picked up my book (it was paperback so don't judge me too
harshly) and threw it at him! He wouldn't stop crying! But if I had of thrown my
kindle at him I would have just lost $350.00 for just one stupid act of
violence! How cruel is that? Note: No wounds to my brother were fatal.

The final reason I'm going to say why I like the paper book is that if
books go electronic we won't have book burnings! You get to light the books and
fire and watch them go up in smoke! How satisfactory is that? While as the only
aggression you can take out on a ebook is deleting it. Yup, all ya get to is
press a stupid button and watch it disappear of the screen, doesn't make you
feel very powerful, does it? Yup, burning books is a pastime for humans and it's
a tradition that should be upheld!

Now hopefully you see from my totally logical explanations why the
paper book is superior. Now go mutilate your ereader in honor of this guest
post, I'm waiting...

Thanks so much Benji for doing a guest post for me! (: Go check out his blog!