Friday, January 14, 2011

Author Interview with Jackson Pearce!

I am here today with Jackson Pearce, author of AS YOU WISH and SISTERS RED. Here is a mini interview! Warning: This interview may contain spoilers from AS YOU WISH, so please do not read on until you have read AS YOU WISH.

1. What’s you favourite colour?


2. Where did you first come across the name Viola?

Viola is the name of a character in Shakespeare's THE TWELFTH NIGHT. All of the
names in As You Wish are taken from Shakesperean plays!

3. Where did the idea for Caliban come from?

I knew I wanted Jinn to be from another world, but didn't want it to be a
fantasy land where people lived in cottages and whatnot. I wanted a fantasy
city, like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

4. If you could change the cover for either AS YOU WISH or SISTERS RED, which would you choose?
I LOVE SISTERS RED's cover. I like As You Wish's, but if forced to choose one or
the other, I'd have to change that one!

5. Did you always want to write for young adults.

I always wanted to write, and the stories that came out of me were just marketed
for young adults. I never really consciously think about the fact that I'm
writing for teens-- I just try to write good books!

6. Thanks for the wonderful interview, last question, what is you biggest advice for young aspiring authors?

Write-- don't talk about writing or think about writing or plan to start
writing. Just WRITE, and ignore the rest.

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