Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So... hello.

Hey guys. I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but school has been crazy the last few weeks leading up to winter break, so I have had no time what so ever to blog. I get out of school tomorrow, so more blogs will be coming your way. I am also really excited to do my Christmas in my mailbox! That will probably not be up ON Christmas day, more like on Sunday or Monday, but if I do find time in that crazy weekend, it will for sure be up. I made sure I asked for LOTS of books, plus I asked for a Kindle, so books in my mailbox will probably be more likely, since I will be buying Kindle files.

Anyways, I just thought I would make a little blog post apologizing for the lack of blogs. I will probably make another Tia's Voice after I post this blog.


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