Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tia's Voice- Christmas!

So, everybody knows Christmas is coming up. Whether we like it or not. Personally, I can't wait for Christmas. It is one of those rare times of year that my whole family is all together in one place and we can just have fun.

Christmas has to be, hands down, my favourite holiday. Not just because of the presents, but they have something to do with it. I feel amazing every Christmas morning, seeing the wide smiles on my little cousin's faces, and seeing the equally wide smiles on my older relatives.

Some of our Christmas traditions I am going to tell you about. Let's start with Christmas Eve.

We go over to my grandmother's house at usually about two-thirty. The boys are usually in the basement watching the hockey game, the girls are upstairs preparing dinner, also taking care of kids that filter up and down the stairs, but there is usually a movie going on in the living room for them. Usually the Lion King.

We take off our coats, and filter into the house. My dad usually immediately filters to the basement, and my sister Bailee heads wherever my cousin Zachary is. Me and my mom usually stay in the kitchen with the rest of the girls who have arrived, helping out with dinner wherever we can.

Our dinner is usually just finger foods. Shrimp, chips, crackers, ect. ect. ect. I usually eat too much, and my stomach doesn't feel the best for the rest of the night. It doesn't ruin it for me, though.

Then the kids get to open one present that was picked out. It is always a movie that we get to watch while the adults are playing cards with change that they save up the prior year. Our grandmother, who we call Mama, always buys it for us. Last year, Mama bought us the Christmas Shrek TV special on DVD. I think my dad and uncle enjoyed it more than my cousin Zachary or my cousin Carter (his brother) did! It was awesome, though.

My sister usually has the Santa tracker going, so whenever the tracker says it is about Quebec, we start planning to go to bed. We don't go to bed right away, because we are most likely not tired yet. At this time, it is about 11:30-12.

I think the best part of Christmas day is waking up, waiting in bed for seven o'clock to roll around. The reason for that is, since we have Christmas at my grandmother's house, she had set up a rule were we can't come down the stairs until seven o'clock. Since I get the privilege of sleeping in her room, I have a huge digital clock on the vanity in her room. So as soon as I open my eyes, I know what time it is. I usually wake up around six thirty, and those thirty minutes are the longest minutes of my whole entire life.

But that is only part of the best part. When seven o'clock finally rolls around, all you can hear is a stamped of kids running down the stairs. Since my younger cousins usually get up before that on any other day, they are the only ones who, on some years, get to come down early. But they are not allowed to go downstairs and look. When me and my sister surface, they are immediately allowed to go down stairs and look at the tree and all the presents. Usually some adults are up, so we are allowed to open our stockings. Which, I have to tell you, mine and my sisters are HUGE. I mean HUGE. I love my stocking, though.

The stocking items entertain us until the rest of the adults wake up and open up their stockings. Then we get to the big stuff.

Since most of the things I ask for are small, and among all the huge gifts that my cousins get, they tend to slip down to the bottom. So I have to wait awhile in the beginning, but by the end I have a huge pile of unopened gifts on my lap, and everybody else is finished, and they are staring at me.

Then we stay until after supper, than leave with all of our new gifts.

These are my family's Christmas traditions, I would love to hear about yours! If you can get it small enough, leave it in the comments, if not, and you have a blog, link me to a post!


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