Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vampires... do they really suck?

Vampires... do they really suck?

I will probably really be giving the third degree here. I just thought that I would try something new and exciting.

Vampires Suck. A movie made to make fun of the highly acclaimed and popular Twilight Saga. My friends had this movie on DVD and we had been talking for ages about watching it all together, although they had already seen it. One night, we actually sat down and watched the movie.

Vampires Suck. Let's start off with the title. Do you know how unnatural that sounds? Say it out loud. Vam-pires Su-ck. I keep wanting to say Vampires Sucks. I have no idea why, but I keep wanting to say Vampires Sucks.

Before I watched this movie, I was expecting to have a movie that was more like a movie that was unintentionally than a movie that was like laugh... NOW or something like that. I really didn't know that Vampires Suck was going to be one of those movies.

As you can tell, this movie wasn't at all what I expected. Not at all. I guess some movies you are really going to like, and some movies... not so much.

So, if you have seen Vampires Suck, what did you think of it? All opinions are welcome. If you didn't see it, tell me why not. I would love to hear you third degree!

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