Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

Released: June 22, 2010
Published by: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
Series: -
Page Amount: 485 Pages

Plot 2/10
Likable Characters 1/10
Problem Development 2/10
Solution Effectiveness 1/10
Writing Style 3/10
Character Development 10/10
Cover 8/10
Setting 6/10
Ending 3/10
Beginning 8/10

Overall, this book was not enjoyable.

Plot: The plot for this novel was very broad... you could have gone a million different ways with this book. I also think that the plot is over used, well, the main part of the plot, and this is not the best book that I have read about suicide that I have read.

Likable Characters: Carol Lynch Williams tried to make Hope the most likable character as possible. Although, I didn't find her very likable. Her mother in this book was horrible and I can't see anybody liing her, although I think Williams wanted that to end up like that, I just didn't like that the book was filled with characters that I didn't like.

Problem Development: The problem only developed a little bit, but barely at all. The problem, to me, didn't seem like a problem at all. It's one of those books where, when the problem comes up, you feel like you are indruding on the family's business.

Solution Effectivness: There was no real solution for this book at all. It kind of just... happened. Usually I like it when a book does that... but this one, it was just plain.

Writing Style: I have read some amazing verse writers, but Williams is not one of them. I felt like I was reading 2nd grade poetry, not a grown up book that is written in verse.

Character Development: Hope grew up vary well during this book. I felt like she was beginning to think of herself more like and adult then a child, like most kids do around the age of twelve.

Cover: I like this cover a lot, but I don't feel like it was the right cover for a book like this.Also, if you stare at it for too long, it hurts your eyes, especially if you are looking at it from a computer.

Setting: This book was set in Florida, a place that I have visited many times during my life. But I also felt that it could have been set in a better place than Florida, because for some reason I don't feel like Florida was the right place to set a book like this.

Ending: I felt like the ending wasn't right for this book, I think it could have been more tragic, you know?

Beginning: The bieginning was the mopst enjoyable section of this book, even though it wasn't amazing.

I do not reccemend this book for you guys.

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