Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Rating System

My rating system is more unique, I think, than I have ever seen before. I didn't want my rating system to be the same as somebody else's because that would be WRONG!

So my rating scale is out of percentages. I am not using the real way to make a percentage, but I will be using a percentage of how I liked the book. 100% being the highest.

To determined the percentage, the book will be rated out of ten on these categories:

1. Plot
2. Likable Characters
3. Problem Development
4. Solution Effectiveness
5. Writing Style
6. Character Development
7. Cover
8. Setting
9. Ending
10. Beginning

These categories will be rated, and then I will add all of the score up and that will make the percentage I think for the book.

What do you guys think of my rating scale? I think it is pretty cool!

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